Episode 3.17 – An Age of Culture

(Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons. Photo of a Thai mural depicting a scene from the Ramakien, the Thai Ramayana. Mural painting began to mature as an art form in the 18th century Age of Culture)

The 18th century was a period of relative peace and stability for Ayutthaya between 1709 and 1758. This period, corresponding to the reigns of Kings Thai Sa and Borommakot, was a veritable “Age of Culture”. Visual, literary and dramatic arts flourished. Bolstered by an ascendent aristocracy, artists and artisans found new markets for their works of art. 

While the period would not outlive the city of Ayutthaya itself, the crafts and arts developed during it would go on to shape Thai high culture into the Bangkok period. Indeed, this was a pivotal moment for Thai culture in general: as the birthplace of many of the core styles and mediums employed by artists.

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