About the Show

History: Unwritten is a history podcast covering civilizations whose legacy is important, either for their region or throughout world history in general, but who might be a bit overlooked. 

The show focuses on regions of the world you’re less likely to hear about, either from other history podcasts or from popular history in general. Places like Subsaharan Africa, Southeast Asia, the precolonial Americas and so much more. 

Episodes are grouped by season, each season covering a single historical civilization. Seasons do not cover the entire history of a specific place – many civilizations we cover could have an entire podcast dedicated to them – but serve to introduce listeners to different historical cultures and societies. Think of each season as a “walking tour” introduction to the civilization. Each season covers a narrative history of the civilization supplemented by episodes about social, cultural and economic history. 

History Unwritten is written, recorded, and edited by Cody Michaels. Credit for album art and the website logo goes to Sukrit Tanticharoenkiat, (@actsukrit on Twitter).