Painting of Chinese army retaking Tarim Basin

Episode 2.7 – The Regency of Gar

(Image credit: Wikimedia Commons. Painting on the Dunhuang caves depicting the forces of Chinese general Zhang Yichao retaking the Four Garrisons following the Empire’s collapse. Though much later, Chinese forces fought frequently with Tibetans over the Silk Road territories)

Blood stains the Silk Road as Prime Minister Gar Tongtsen takes charge of the Empire left behind by Songtsen Gampo. But what was to be a regency for the infant Tsenpo Mangsong turned into a half century of rule by Gar and his sons.

Will the Gar clan lead Tibet down the path to victory? Or will they bring shame and humiliation upon the Empire they rule? And what of the Yarlung Emperors, will they accept their new positions, or will they rise up and oust their ‘regents’ from power?

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