Jowo Mikyo Dorje

Episode 2.4 – The Princess Brides

(Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons. Image of the Jowo Mikyo Dorje, one of the two holiest statues of the Buddha in Tibet, allegedly brought to the country by the Nepalese princess Bhrikuti Devi)

Upon taking charge of the nascent Tibetan Empire, the first Emperor Songtsen sought to expand his realm and legitimize his reign in the eyes of his neighbors. 

HIs strategy involved three diplomatic marriages – one between his sister and a neighboring king, one between himself and a Nepalese Princess and the final between his son and the adopted daughter of the Tang Emperor. 

By the end of the process, Songtsen ruled a prestigious realm whose might and power were respected among the great powers of Asia, and which was well on its way to becoming a “civilized” nation. 

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