Tibetan Valley of the Kings

Episode 2.16 – The Sons of Trisong Detsen

(Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons. Photo of a site within Chongye Valley, the Tibetan “Valley of the Kings” where mounds containing the tombs of the Tsenpos have been identified)

Trisong Detsen would live only a few years after the Great Debate of 792. The matter of succession consumed his remaining time on Earth, as he had fathered four sons – one of whom had died young, another exiled for murder. Of his remaining sons, each had been raised as Buddhists – the first such Emperors in all of Tibetan history. 

How would these Buddhist-from-birth Tsenpos reign? Through the life of the idealistic – but naive – Muni Tsenpo to the death of his younger brother Sadnalegs, the Tibetan state became preoccupied in Buddhist concerns above all others.

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