Mansa Musa on the Catalan Atlas

Episode 1.5 – Caravans of Gold

Mali’s Mansa Musa ruled from 1312 to 1337. His reign – and those of his son and brother – represents the peak of Malian supremacy in West Africa, as well as the height of the Empire’s reputation globally. 

Musa would become famous for his 1324 pilgrimage to Mecca. But his Hajj was as much an exercise in PR as it was religious devotion. Wherever he went, Mansa Musa distributed great gifts of gold. His visit to the Egyptian capital of Cairo was particularly noteworthy. He and his compatriots spent so liberally that the price of gold would be depressed in the country for decades!

But who was Mansa Musa? What do we know about him? Well, listen to Episode 1.5 – Caravans of Gold to find out!