Announcing Season Two

Tibetan Empire Cover

Here at History Unwritten, it’s finally time to announce our second season. We will be turning away from the African continent, and dialing back the clock about 700 years. Because we’re headed to the Tibetan Empire, circa 630 AD.

The Tibetan Empire was a great power of the era. Fighting long, bitter wars with Turkic nomads, Arab Caliphs and Tang Emperors, the Tibetans more than held their own on the field of battle.

Not only were they fierce fighters, however, the Tibetans were devout Buddhists – or so say the historians of later eras. This is the age of the so-called “Dharma Kings” – the three great emperors of Tibet who brought Buddhism to the rocky plateau.

Who were the Tibetans of this age? What was their civilization like? How did they live, what did they believe, and what did they value?

We’ll answer these questions and more in Season Two: Tibet.

A quick note:

There may be a hiatus between the end of Mali and beginning of Tibet. This should not last longer than a month or so, and our episodes should resume by October 2nd at the very latest. Not yet sure if this pause will actually be necessary – we’ll need to wait and see. But in order to ensure I never miss a week, I need to have a backlog of episodes written and ready to record before launchign – this way I can maintain the show’s schedule into the future. Thanks for understanding.